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Around your appointment

Checklists & links

In order to make your visit to our office as easy as possible, we provide the following services:

Check list for your first appointment:

  • your health insurance card if you have statutory health insurance
  • filled-in patient data sheet
    (download and print out here)
  • a list of your medication if you take some regularly (especially important for cardiac patients)
  • your allergy card (if you have one)
  • your X-ray card (if you have one)



Recall system/Reminders for check-ups:

If you like, we would be happy to remind you when it is time for the next preventive examination.





Waiting list:

If your preferred date for an appointment should not be available, or if you would like to visit us again sooner, we will be happy to put you on our waiting list. In case a patient has to cancel an appointment on short notice, we will ask you to take the now available appointment time.

In den Zeiten von Corona sind wir immer für Sie da!

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