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Aesthetic treatments

Aesthetic dentistry includes all treatments with the aim of making your teeth look more beautiful.

White/Tooth Aesthetics

Minimally invasive front tooth onlays

Thanks to a wide range of tooth colours, we are able to rebuild and/or reform front teeth with synthetic materials (composites). One advantage of this treatment is the minimally invasive technique, i.e. it can be conducted without removing any hard substance of the tooth: nothing will be “ground off” the tooth, it is only “glued on”. According to the patient’s wishes, the application can easily be removed at any time, and the tooth will look as it did before – another great advantage of this treatment over veneers or crowns.

We use this technique:
  • when teeth are affected in accidents
  • to close gaps between front teeth, e.g. after an orthodontic treatment has finished
  • for reforming teeth in case of deformed teeth or tooth agenesis

Pink/Periodontal Aesthetics

Even the most radiant smile can be clouded by a disharmonious gum shape.

  • plastic microsurgery on the gums to establish a more harmonious gum shape and
  • covering exposed tooth necks in visible areas


Often a single darker tooth or an overly dark hue of the teeth gets in the way of an aesthetic, attractive smile. This problem can be solved with suitable bleaching procedures.

External bleaching:

You can treat yourself to a new, radiant smile with professional bleaching. With a bleacher splint which we create according to your individual needs, you can personally carry out the external bleaching of all teeth at home. In rare cases, temporary problems such as an increased sensitivity of the teeth to cold or an irritation of the gums may occur. This usually goes away by itself after a few days. Should you be affected by this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Internal bleaching:

With specific internal bleaching, a single tooth, e.g. a front tooth that has become slightly darker due to root canal treatment, can be whitened in our practice. Usually, a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment needs a revision of the root canal treatment prior to bleaching. Root filling materials with discolouring properties are thereby replaced with a colour-stable filling material, bacteria are removed, and the tooth subsequently gets a bacteria-proof cover. Depending on the discolouring, two to six sessions at an interval of one week are necessary.