We are proud to be able to offer our patients a complete one-stop range of services for implants – reliably in our practice. Since Dr Thiemo Schramm successfully completed the curriculum of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie (German Implantology Association) in 1998, this special area has become his main focus. Since then, he has conducted about 50 to 80 implantations per year (inserting artificial tooth roots made from titanium) in our office.

He carries out all accompanying measures – such as comprehensive diagnostics, preparatory surgery for bone and soft tissue generation (e.g. sinus-lifting), and uncovering the implant – and subsequently secures the implants with prostheses.

In rare cases, the existing bone has to be specially examined and/or imaged. For this sort of digital volume tomography (DVT or 3D X-ray), however, we refer you to a radiologist.

In case a treatment should turn out to be especially complex and require extensive measures, we are able to fall back on our dependable partners in the field of jaw and facial surgery. In these cases, it is possible to conduct the surgery or surgeries under general anaesthetic.